🚝 Monorail


Train Transport, Single Track Trains, Speed, Efficiency, People and Goods Transport, Subway

🚝 Meaning: The side description of a train with a lowly pointy nose, a sleek windshield, a couple of windows on the body, while mounted over a single rail with a blue guard that encloses the wheels.

The 🚝 Monorail emoji refers to one of the modern upgrades of the traditional train. It suggests speed, comfort to a good extent, passenger and goods transfer, and a sense of being flexible with the location of tracks.

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How and When to Use the 🚝 Monorail Emoji

  • While posting or reposting videos on a monorail or of one, 🚝 in a mandate the caption. It can be a compassionate video, a meme, a funny video, or even an informative video.
  • Apart from videos, 🚝 can be used in post captions even while sharing pictures of/in/about a monorail – memes, news posts, a picture of yourself, a picture speaking a thousand words, etc.
  • If you’re typing out a monorail experience as a social media status, story, or even a post caption, you may use 🚝.
  • To indicate that you are or you will be traveling by a monorail, use 🚝.
  • 🚝 can also be used in general contexts such as ‘railways’, ‘railway infrastructure’, ‘railway transportation’, ‘train journey’, etc.

Other Names

  • 🚝 Rail
  • 🚝 Railroad
  • 🚝 Railway Transport
  • 🚝 Train
  • 🚝 Single-Tracked Train
  • 🚝 Monorail Train
  • 🚝 Train Transport