🚌 Bus


Travel, Journey, Public Transport, Commute, School Bus, Mass Transit

🚌 Meaning: The side description of a small bus, painted in shades of yellow, with a visible windshield, passenger windows, and a door in front. The bus is designed with two pairs of wheels.

The 🚌 Bus emoji represents bus travel, bus journeys, and a bus, in general, as a mode of land transport. It signifies public transportation, a significant way of pooling, everyday commute, and even a school bus.

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How and When to Use the 🚌 Bus Emoji

  • If you’re out of town for any purpose and you’re texting a caretaker about getting your kids ready for the school bus, you can use 🚌. Like, “So, my monkeys have this innate habit of being late. Please make sure they’re ready to go by 7:30 AM at least 🚌”
  • Use 🚌 while texting someone that you’re on the way and you’re taking the bus. For example, “I couldn’t find a cab. Risking my life rn 🚌”.
  • You can also use 🚌 while talking about motion sickness, or just your dislike towards bus travel – “I don’t mind walking the distance. It’s just too suffocating otherwise 🚌”.
  • While telling someone to be on time at the bus stop or while informing someone about the bus timings too, you can use 🚌. For instance, “There would be no time to waste. The bus would be here by 9 AM 🚌”.
  • Generally, 🚌 can also be used to indicate “On the way”, which would automatically suggest that you’re taking the bus.

Other Names

  • 🚌 School Bus
  • 🚌 Bus Travel
  • 🚌 Ongoing Bus
  • 🚌 City Bus
  • 🚌 Tourist Bus
  • 🚌 State Bus
  • 🚌 Bus Journey