🚑 Ambulance


Emergency Medical Service, Rushing, Immediate Medical Assistance, Rescue, Ambulance Workers

🚑 Meaning: A left-facing vehicle with a horizontally rectangular box at the hind section of the vehicle, attached to the driving section with a visible window, rearview mirror, a headlight, and a pair of wheels.

The 🚑 Ambulance emoji signifies an emergency. Closely associated with the 🏥 Hospital emoji, this emoji suggests rushing to the hospital, offering immediate medical assistance, and doing everything in its power to keep hope alive.

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How and When to Use the 🚑 Ambulance Emoji

  • In a casual context, 🚑 can be used to suggest the travel superlative -‘rush’, which is somehow connected to a hospital. For example, “Okay. Wow. Please excuse me, I need to rush to the hospital to get a new pair of eyes to see what you see in him 🚑”.
  • If you’re posting or reposting content related to COVID-19, such as free tests, routine checks, awareness, etc, you can use 🚑. For instance, “Compulsory COVID- 19 checks throughout the day tomorrow 🚑”.
  • While sharing a grateful post dedicated to the ambulance and the ambulance workers who saved you or a loved one in time, you can use 🚑. Like, “If it wasn’t for their timely arrival and vigilance, we would have lost her 🚑”.
  • If you’re a nurse and you’re posting pictures of yourself; from a style POV, a good mood POV, or even a memorable image, you can use 🚑 in the post caption.
  • Use 🚑 in your social media profile name if you’re an ambulance worker.

Other Names

  • 🚑 EMS
  • 🚑 Emergency Medical Service
  • 🚑 Hospital Vehicle
  • 🚑 Rescue
  • 🚑 Hospital Transport
  • 🚑 Hospital Wagon
  • 🚑 Rushing to the Hospital