🚐 Minibus


Concise, Lesser Capacity, Traveling, Tourist Bus, Office Bus, Private Bus, Public Transport, School Bus

🚐 Meaning: The side profile of a small bus with a rectangular appearance and an extended nose-like structure in the front, with a visible windshield, windows, headlights, taillights, and a pair of wheels.

The 🚐 Minibus emoji represents a concise version of the usual bus, transporting lesser people. This emoji can suggest both private and public traveling; a public bus, a tourist bus, an office bus, etc.

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How and When to Use the 🚐 Minibus Emoji

  • If you and a couple of friends or colleagues are heading out for a trip together, you could use 🚐 to indicate that this would be the best mode of transport for the excursion. The same applies even while suggesting that you have or you plan to book a minibus.
  • If you’re in a minibus, or you’re taking a minibus to reach a given destination, you can use 🚐 while texting someone about it.
  • Use 🚐 while sharing pictures and/or videos of modified minibusses – it can be a hardware modification or even a repainted vehicle.
  • In a similar framework as the first point, 🚐 can be used while asking someone or inviting someone on a road trip.
  • If you own a minibus or you just bought a new one, you can use 🚐 while sharing pictures of your minibus or even while implying that you’re driving, will be driving and hence busy or any other such context.

Other Names

  • 🚐 Microbus
  • 🚐 Minivan
  • 🚐 Omnibus
  • 🚐 Small Bus
  • 🚐 Mini Bus
  • 🚐 Van
  • 🚐 Tourist Bus
  • 🚐 Excursion Bus
  • 🚐 Jitney