🔒 Locked


Safety, Securement, Locked, Closed, Shut, Inaccessible, Password Requirement, Encompass

🔒 Meaning: A golden-ish or yellow padlock with a metal locking device on top. The 🔒 Locked emoji represents a lock; in the lock and key combo. It signifies security, safety, and being closed, shut, or even inaccessible.

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How and When to Use the 🔒 Locked Emoji

  • Anything that’s locked could mean that it holds something within. If you’re using this angle in any context, bring in 🔒. Like, “There’s a locked potential within each of us 🔒” or “Don’t lock in that rebel! 🔒 Let him out. He could probably be the one to change the world”.
  • You can also use 🔒 while talking about something that needs a password or the creator itself to be opened. For example, “I couldn’t log into his computer 🔒 Darn it!”.
  • Use 🔒 even in the context of securing and safeguarding something. For instance, “It’s all safe here in my heart 🙂 🔒”.
  • Locking could also signify a way of confirming on or solidifying something that was rather uncertain previously – “You are my one and only #1 🔒”.
  • Even if you feel like you’re being locked out of somewhere, use 🔒.

Other Names

  • 🔒 Padlock
  • 🔒 Yellow Lock
  • 🔒 Locked
  • 🔒 Secured
  • 🔒 Closed Lock
  • 🔒 Secure
  • 🔒 Fasten