🔐 Locked With Key


Pair, Match, Mismatch, Unlocking, Tool, Hope, Solution, Answers, Positivity, Opportunities

🔐 Meaning: A closed padlock, same as the one in the 🔒 Locked emoji, placed with a golden key next to it. The 🔐 Locked With Key emoji represents the much-needed pair, couple, match, etc. It signifies security, yes, but it can suggest hope, solutions, answers, and opportunity too.

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How and When to Use the 🔐 Locked With Key Emoji

  • As mentioned in the previous section, 🔐 suggests a ‘pair’ or a ‘match’. Hence, it can be used in such contexts. However, this emoji can also refer to a mismatch (coz, we aren’t sure if the key fits the lock in here).
  • Examples for the previous point – “You were the key my soul was searching for while it was looking for answers 🔐” or “You’re here and I’m here, but man, why can’t we ever be together? 🔐 Talking about my career, ugh.“.
  • Speaking of a ‘lock and key pair’, you may use 🔐 in contexts of finding something that you’ve been looking for too. For instance, “I FOUND THE SOLUTION! 🔐 AND IT WORKED!!!”.
  • Use 🔐 while talking about unlocking something; a door, a closet, potential, love, anything. Like, “You possess the answers to all your problems 🔐. The only thing you got to find, is awareness”.
  • 🔐 would come in handy while suggesting someone to keep spare keys as well – “I’d honestly suggest your half-drunk mind to keep some spare keys 🔐 In places you’d remember”.

Other Names

  • 🔐 Lock and Key
  • 🔐 Closed Padlock With Golden Key
  • 🔐 Lock and Key Pair
  • 🔐 Padlock and Key
  • 🔐 Closed Lock with Golden Key
  • 🔐 Locked Padlock With Key