🔏 Locked With Pen


Confidentiality, Privacy, Trust, Agreement, Contract, Security, Safety, Classified Info

🔏 Meaning: A combination emoji of a padlock and a pen; created with a 🔒 Lock and a 🖋️ Fountain Pen. The ink pen is placed in front of the padlock.

Primarily, the 🔏 Locked With Pen emoji would signify privacy, security, confidentiality, and a sense of signing or writing something that’s top secret. It could also suggest a personal diary, a private journal, etc.

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How and When to Use the 🔏 Locked With Pen Emoji

  • Use 🔏 while talking to someone about something that’s moderately private and confidential (because if it’s highly confidential, call). For example, “So. You say you’d do my short film for college??? 🔏” or “Great! Please treat this as a formal agreement 🔏”.
  • 🔏 can also be used to signify casual mutual agreements or contracts.
  • Based on the previous point, 🔏 could be brought in while reminding someone of that mutual agreement. For instance, “Um. You remember our ‘homies pact’ right? 🔏”.
  • You could use even in the context of reassurance too – “Don’t worry, darling. All your mushy emails are always safe with me 🔏” or “All their screenshots are in safe hands 🔏 Bwahaha”.
  • If you’re advising someone about being careful with personal things, you can use 🔏. Like, “Please don’t be as stupid as I was to leave my personal diary lying around like a magazine. Keep it safe 🔏”.

Other Names

  • 🔏 Locked Padlock With Fountain Pen
  • 🔏 Lock and Pen
  • 🔏 Lock and Fountain Pen
  • 🔏 Lock With Ink Pen
  • 🔏 Padlock and Ink Pen