😙 Kissing Face With Smiling Eyes


Kissing, Affection, Happy Kisses, Whistling

😙 Meaning: A yellow face with happy eyes and pouted lips. This emoji is one of the ‘Kissing Face’ emoji series.

The Kissing Face With Smiling Eyes emoji depicts happiness and affection while offering warmth and coziness with happy eyes. It makes for a great emoji response to someone older, like a family member that you love and respect a lot (grannies, esp).

This emoji also works as a ‘Whistling’ face; happy and heart-felt whistling to the beat and not a rattle.

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How and When to Use the 😙 Kissing Face With Smiling Eyes

  • This can be a sweet response to texts from your grandparents.
  • It can be used with someone who’s in a closer circle as compared to the 😗 Kissing Face emoji. So you can use it with close family, friends, etc.
  • You can also use this emoji to represent whistling, but it depends on the scenario and the person you’re texting.

Other Names

  • 😙 Kissing Face
  • 😙 Kissy Face
  • 😙 Kisses
  • 😙 Affectionate Kiss
  • 😙 Whistling

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