📕 Closed Book


Mystery, Narrow Thinking, Closed Mind, Low-Key, Detachment, Unknown

📕 Meaning: A fat book with a red hard bind on both sides and a black or deep brown layer at the intersection. The front cover has a ‘Vol 1’ imprint and a couple of inscriptions below it.

The 📕 Closed Book emoji evidently represents a shut book. But, symbolically it could signify mystery, a sense of staying low-key, detached, distant, and maybe even narrow in the framework of thinking and living.

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How and When to Use the 📕 Closed Book Emoji

  • If you’re texting your buddy about a mysterious someone or something, you could use 📕. For example, “He’s been my classmate for about five years now, and trust me I don’t know more than just his name. He’s a closed book of sorts 📕”.
  • You could also use the same inference in post captions. Like, “It’s alright to be a closed book 📕 Not everyone is capable of understanding what they read”.
  • Closed books could also suggest narrow thinking and a broader sense of being narrow-minded (the irony is beauts). If you’re indicating this perspective in any context, use 📕.
  • Apart from direct references to a ‘closed book’, use 📕 even while talking about the cover of the closed book. For instance, the famous “Don’t judge a book by its cover 📕”.
  • 📕 can be used in contexts of ending something as well; it could be a ‘chapter’ in someone’s life, closing the whole book, etc – “You shouldn’t be shutting the book just because one chapter made you uncomfortable 📕”.

Other Names

  • 📕 Red Book
  • 📕 Closed Notebook
  • 📕 Red Textbook
  • 📕 Knowledge
  • 📕 Mystery
  • 📕 Volume 1 Book
  • 📕 Hardbound Book