🍭 Lollipop


Simplicity, Little Things, Simple Pleasures, Happiness, Joy, Childhood, Innocence

🍭 Meaning: A round swirly lollipop with lines of blue, yellow, red, and the respective transitioning colors held upon a wooden stick. The texture and color of this emoji would vary on different platforms.

The 🍭 Lollipop emoji signifies childhood, possessing a sweet tooth, and a sense of defining the ‘simple pleasures’ and the ‘little things’ in life. It can also have other explicit references depending on the context.

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How and When to Use the 🍭 Lollipop Emoji

  • If you’re sharing anything about the ‘little things’ that matter the most in life, you can use 🍭 in the caption; it can be a soothing quote that you came across (or created) or even a picture capturing those little things.
  • If you’re sharing anything within the framework of a carnival, fair, mela, etc, you can use 🍭. This can be done while sharing a carnival schedule either as a post/story/text message or even reminiscing some nostalgia about the best carnival, etc.
  • A lollipop can also be viewed as a sugary ‘treat’. Similar to the 🍬 Candy emoji, this too can be used in a ‘Halloween’ context as well.
  • Also, 🍭 need not only be used in a literal sense. Depending on the platform you’re using and the color and texture of this emoji, it can be used in the caption to match the color of the post (these are the times when you just don’t know which emoji would fit into that caption).
  • A lollipop can have a sexual connotation (scroll down to ‘6’ for reference) as well (not very frequent, but it happens). In such conversations, you can use 🍭.

Other Names

  • 🍭 Candy on a Stick
  • 🍭 Hard Candy
  • 🍭 Colourful Lollipop (subjective)
  • 🍭 Popsicle
  • 🍭 Lolly
  • 🍭 Candy
  • 🍭 Confectionary
  • 🍭 Sticky-Pop