🍧 Shaved Ice


Summer, Ice Dessert, Cold, Hawaiian Shaved Ice, Snow Cone, Scoop of Ice

🍧 Meaning: A silver-colored bowl with a short stand and a circular base holding a large scoop of some shaved ice and pink-colored flavor (mostly strawberry or raspberry) and a blue-handled spoon.

The 🍧 Shaved Ice emoji refers to the Hawaiian shave ice or just shave ice which is a little similar to a snow cone. It signifies a summer dessert, which can have tons of variations depending on the country its made in.

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How and When to Use the 🍧 Shaved Ice Emoji

  • 🍧 is not a bowl of ice cream. Please refrain from using it in such contexts.
  • If you’re sharing pictures, videos, or any informative content about shaved ice desserts from any culture/country (and ice gola, too), you can use 🍧 in those captions.
  • If you’re talking about someone who’s cold as ice but with a pretty face, you can use 🍧 to refer to that special someone 🙂 . If it’s you, feel free to use this emoji in your social media profile name.
  • Similar to the previous usage, 🍧 can be used to tell someone that they’re being a solid scoop of ice: “Can you read what you’re sending? Why so cold, man? 🍧”.
  • If you’re going out for an ice dessert and you’re either putting up a social media story or texting someone about it/ inviting them to the plan, you can use 🍧 in those stories/text messages.

Other Names

  • 🍧 Shave Ice
  • 🍧 Shaved Ice Cream
  • 🍧 Hawaiian Shaved Ice
  • 🍧 Ice Gola
  • 🍧 Snow Cone
  • 🍧 Scoop of Shaved Ice
  • 🍧 Raspberry Shaved Ice
  • 🍧 Strawberry Shaved Ice