🍬 Candy


Sweet, Dessert, Chewables, Toffy, Halloween, Treats, Positive Reinforcement

🍬 Meaning: A double-colored round candy (bluish-green and lavender) wrapped in a transparent wrapper with a twist on each end. The colors and creativity of this emoji would vary on each platform.

Signifying a sweet tooth, the 🍬 Candy emoji can be used to represent all forms of candy; toffies, hard candy, marshmallows, etc. It can also signify a sense of positive reinforcement, especially if the other person would do anything for candy.

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How and When to Use the 🍬 Candy Emoji

  • 🍬 would be a cute emoji to include in ‘Happy Birthday’ texts.
  • You can use 🍬 while posting or reposting pictures and/or videos about candies; a home-made candy picture or even a fun candy making video that you came across on your feed.
  • Candies are generally thought of as ‘treats’. Hence, 🍬 can also be used in ‘Halloween’ contexts. So, the next time you text someone, post something, or even repost anything about trick or treats, ensure to use this emoji as well.
  • If you’re asking a really close buddy to do you a favor, you can use 🍬 as a way of saying, “Pleeeeeez could you do it . Here’s a toffy in advance🍬”, etc.
  • Also, candy-themed makeup is fun as well. So, if you’re sharing some of your creative makeup ideas, a candy-based face painting, or a video of someone else’s candy makeup videos, you can use 🍬 in those captions/stories.

Other Names

  • 🍬 Wrapped Candy
  • 🍬 Toffy
  • 🍬 Hard Candy
  • 🍬 Treat
  • 🍬 Sweetmeat
  • 🍬 Confectionary