???? Custard


Pudding, Jelly, Dessert, Sweet, Caramel Custard, Caramel Jelly

???? Meaning: A white plate with a slightly inverse tapering creamy cylindrical circular structure representing custard with a brown base and a reddish-brown top.

The ???? Custard emoji refers to a platter of pudding, and not exactly custard. However, this emoji can be used to suggest all similar desserts in this spectrum; jelly, custard, pudding, etc.

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How and When to Use the ???? Custard Emoji

  • First off, use ???? while posting or reposting custard, pudding or jelly pictures (the reason is stated in the previous section) on social media.
  • Since ???? is not exactly custard and is pudding, you can use this emoji while addressing a loved one, you know, like ‘puddin‘. You can also use this emoji while sharing social media pictures of or with them.
  • Next, use ???? in any situation or conversation that would refer to the famous phrase of “pudding is in the eating“. For instance, “Hey. You’ve just met her a week ago. Don’t make assumptions. Pudding is in the eating, mate ????”.
  • If you’re sharing a hair color or even a picture of a dress that looks like ????, then feel free to use this emoji in that caption.
  • Use ???? while texting someone and/or sharing pictures of the perfect custard/pudding/jelly you made at home too!

Other Names

  • ???? Pudding
  • ???? Caramel Custard
  • ???? Jelly
  • ???? Crème Brûlée
  • ???? Crème Custard
  • ???? Dessert
  • ???? Caramel Jelly
  • ???? Pud
  • ???? Puddin