😀 Grinning Face


Smiley, Happy, Appreciative, Grin

😀 Meaning: A yellow face with wide-open eyes and a broad, toothy smile. This emoji is an unblemished symbol of joy. It’s an emotion we share when we’re the happiest, that we shine the broadest smile we’ve got!

The 😀 Grinning Face emoji helps to emote that heightened sense of happiness over text. It may seem creepy, but come on, we all look like happy lizards when we sport our grins!

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How and When to Use 😀 Grinning Face Emoji

  • When someone says something very complimentary, and you don’t know what to do with such positivity, you grin (over text, of course).
  • When you’re sharing something really special with someone, you can choose to grin as an emotion along with the shared message.
  • An appreciative reaction (say something along with the emoji).

Other Names

  • 😀 Smiley face
  • 😀 Happy face
  • 😀 Extremely happy face
  • 😀 Appreciative face

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