🥵 Hot Face


Heating Up, Feverish, Spicy Food, Overheated, Red Chilly, Burning Up

🥵 Meaning: An orangish-red face with furrowed brows, blank eyes, and a tongue sticking out of the open mouth. The emoji also has a sweat drop at the side of the face, which can differ in number across different platforms.

The 🥵 Hot Face emoji signifies a sense of burning up with fever, sweating because of the scorching heat, or finding someone/something physically attractive, or hot in other words.

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How and When to Use the 🥵 Hot Face Emoji

  • If you’re out vacaying in a blazing hot destination, send this emoji in your texts describing the holiday to your friends.
  • You can also use this emoji to express merciless summers in general.
  • Although not universally acceptable, you can also use this emoji to talk about someone you find irresistibly hot.
  • If you’re down with fever and you’re burning up, send this emoji if you still have the strength to hold up your phone.
  • Use this emoji if you’re talking about an extremely spiced out cuisine/dish.

Other Names

  • 🥵 Heating Up
  • 🥵 Infatuated
  • 🥵 Feverish
  • 🥵 Ill
  • 🥵 Burning Up
    🥵 Overheated Face
  • 🥵 Spicy
  • 🥵 Tongue Out
  • 🥵 Sweaty, Burning Face
    🥵 Chilly
    🥵 Spicy Food Face