The Monochrome Emoji Series

It didn’t matter to MJ, it does matter here.

Black and white filters are great. They pop out the necessary features and effectively hide the rest. But, does monochrome mean only “black and whtie”? Heck, no!

Monochrome is anything that involves a single color and variations of it. Since grey is the most used shade in this aspect, the idea of being “monochrome” is synonymous with being ‘black and white’ or “B&W”.

Think about it, the “monochrome” photographs you take are not “black and white” photographs, but just photos in grey. Maybe black and white are not that polar after all. Or maybe it is in fact, all grey.

Singular Squares – White

Singulars Squares – Black

Merged Squares – Black and White


The next time you wish to add that tinge of some black and white magic on your online platforms, we hope this list helps ☺️.