🏁 Chequered Flag


Racing, Competition, Victory, Start, End, Finish Line, Winner, Motor Race

🏁 Meaning: A horizontally rectangular waving flag, designed in black and white checks, tied to a flagpole. The 🏁 Chequered Flag emoji represents a racing flag. Used to indicate the start or end of any motor racing competition, this emoji could symbolize victory too.

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How and When to Use the 🏁 Chequered Flag Emoji

  • Since 🏁 is generally waved to convey that an automobile has crossed the finish line, you may use the same to represent a ‘winner’ in a literal or metaphorical context.
  • Some instances for the previous use-case are – “You must give it to him tho. He did finish strong despite the lapse 🏁”, “Yaaasss! Congratulations! 🏁”, or “Who’s the bawse? You the bawse! 🏁”/
  • You could also use 🏁 to suggest a ‘victorious end’. For example, “Our struggle can only end in victory, my friend 🏁” or “At the end of the day, I will be satisfied only if I’ve given my best 🏁”.
  • Generally, 🏁 can be a symbol for a competition or a race, both offline and online. Like, “We’re going to watch the race! 🏁” or “Okay. Let’s see who wins the “Don’t text for the next three days” marathon 🏁”.

Other Names

  • 🏁 Racing Flag
  • 🏁 Race Flag
  • 🏁 Victory Flag
  • 🏁 Black and White Flag
  • 🏁 Checkered Flag
  • 🏁 Finish Line
  • 🏁 Flag With Black and White Checks