11 Seafood Emojis That See Food and Become Them!

They’re here to remind you to do the same. Screw the haters!

Seafood adds to the list of ‘meat-based diets’. In other words, it’s a part of the massive chain of non-vegetarian food options that involve the act of killing to satiate human hunger and taste.

Humans have been consuming different marine animals for nearly 50,000 years! Today, there are over 250 species of fish fit for human consumption. Now that’s a massive achievement right there. Figuring out edible marine life, chalking up recipes, and prepping them to create a rich meal. Way to go! Because all of that takes time. Loads of years, and loads to kill too.

If you wish to bring that achievement in any form, onto virtual platforms, these emojis are here to do that job. Give it up for the seafood emojis!

Fish Emoji

🐟 Fish

Technically, every aquatic species can be generalized as ‘fish’. But here, we’ll stick to specifics. 🐟 is the most popular and the most consumed animal of the seas.

Anyone who eats seafood has definitely eaten most of 🐟 than anything else on this list (or so to speak). This emoji represents all types of fish. If you get bugged of that, we have a variant! The 🐠 Tropical Fish. And if you’re one to take risks, the 🐡 Blowfish is for you.

Crab Emoji

🦀 Crab Emoji

🦀 is the only emoji on this list with the best philosophy. They’re tough on the outside but sweet on the inside. Like many of us. Without the “actual” sweetness, needless to say. Nope, no cannibalism in here.

Crabmeat, like a lot of other meats, is rich in Vitamin B12. So, if you feel like you’re lacking in it, 🦀 is one of the ways to combat that deficiency! Unless you’re vegetarian.

Lobster Emoji

🦞 Lobster Emoji

If you live alongside a coastline and you have a lobster business going on, chances are that you’re one of the richest business people in town.

🦞 is not only one among the most expensive seafood on the platter, but they’re also some of the heaviest sources of protein. Thus, making 🦞 a valuable addition to your diet.

And a pocket-denting one too.

Shrimp Emoji

🦐 Shrimp Emoji

Shrimps are yet another highly sought-after ‘sea meat’. Despite the fundamental differences between shrimps and prawns, in the virtual world, you could use 🦐 interchangeably between the two.

If you’re one with concerns and strict measures surrounding your cholesterol, you’d want to watch your shrimp intake, because 🦐 is packed with fats. But on the upside, shrimps are a wonderful source of antioxidants. The pro and con, as always, is brilliant.

Squid Emoji

🦑 Squid Emoji

Unlike most of the seafood options on this list, the mighty squid falls on the affordable side of the spectrum. That is, even broke-ass people like us can have the luxury of squid meat!

But is 🦑 as healthy as it is tasty?

Of course, it is! Apart from the inevitable benefits of its Omega 3 content, 🦑 is one of the best foods you could consume during pregnancy. All thanks to the abundance of protein and iron in this meat.

Octopus Emoji

🐙 Octopus Emoji

Octopus meat is one of the selective seafood options out there. Not many people who eat seafood consume 🐙 as regularly as they’d relish the other ‘sea meat’ on this page. It’s a reserved and consensual delicacy.

However, there are bright sides to everything, including the special ones, like 🐙. Similar to some seafood here, the Octopus too, is low in fat. It’s an abundant source of protein and is believed to cure impotency too! Cure! Not even help. Completely negate the problem.

Oyster Emoji

🦪 Oyster Emoji

Much like the squid and prawn situation, 🦪 too works for both oysters and clams. Making this emoji the Arya Stark of the situation. Only, this one’s not a nobody.

🦪 is a sumptuous supplement of protein, calcium, iron, vitamins B12, B1, vitamin D, and a bunch of other nutrients. Like most seafood, 🦪 is low on the cholesterol side (except for shrimp!) and it helps build more and better white blood cells too.

Processed Seafood Options

Fried Shrimp Emoji

🍤 Fried Shrimp Emoji

As mentioned in the name and described via the emoji, 🍤 is the fried/cooked version of the 🦐 Shrimp. The application of 🍤 too is the same as its raw version, it represents both fried shrimp and fried prawn.

Fried prawns/shrimp are mostly deep-fried dishes. They work great as individual appetizers, snacks, and even as accompaniments.

Sushi Emoji

🍣 Sushi Emoji

🍣 is a fish-based recipe. This emoji can be used for both sushi and sashimi, along with their variations. The vital difference between the two is in the ingredients, which is not always very visually evident.

Sushi contains vinegar rice, and sashimi has better ingredients, thus making the latter a more luxurious indulgence. But the bottom line remains the same for both; raw fish.

Seafood is one of the most enjoyed meats in the world. It’s as mouth-watering online as it is in real life. Just doesn’t do the gastronomical justice, here.

So, if you’re letting your buddies know what’s cooking, or putting up a social media post of the same, we hope these seafood emojis create the perfect atmosphere.