4 Meat Emojis For Warm-Blooded Meal Options

This blog post is strictly on a red-meat-diet.

You are what you eat is a funny thing to say to someone to consumes animal meat. Oh, I’m a pig now, eh? Lols.

The genetic disposition of humans towards consuming animal meat is a debatable subject. Some believe us to be natural vegetarians while many say it otherwise. Humans have survived with and fed upon anything digestible, which included an array of veg options like plants, berries, fungi, and flesh-based food items, like animals.

Though that may be true for our forefathers and foremothers, it’s a karmic decision for those of us who believe in consequences. Coz, we’re what we eat, remember? Anyhoo. Meat is a widely consumed food option. It’s not only rich in variety, and taste, but it also has its nutritional benefits, and here are some of those meaty emojis.

Meat On Bone Emoji

🍖 Meat on Bone Emoji

This emoji mostly represents red meat, given the substantial amount of flesh on the bone. That being said, 🍖 is miles apart from the ðŸĶī Bone, because here, you’ve got that much-needed substance 😉. This juicy bone can represent red meat such as beef, pork, mutton, etc.

Poultry Leg Emoji

🍗 Poultry Leg Emoji

Or the iconic chicken leg.

🍗 takes one for the poultry team. It refers to chicken and a host of other birds such as 🕊ïļ Baby Pigeons and ðŸĶ† Ducks that make for delicious meal options. It’s interesting how distasteful the process of cooking a tasty meal can be.

Cut Of Meat Emoji

ðŸĨĐ Cut of Meat Emoji

This is another “red meat emoji” wherein, ðŸĨĐ can be used to refer to 🐄 Beef, 🐖 Pork, 🐑 Lamb Meat, and other forms of 🐐 Mutton. It doesn’t matter if the “real meat” you’ve seen is nothing like ðŸĨĐ, because, if you’ve watched cartoons, this emoji is nostalgia at play.

Bacon Emoji

ðŸĨ“ Bacon Emoji

Though ðŸĨ“ is the OG pork chop, the other meat types have replicated the delicacy. Now, there’s chicken bacon, duck bacon, elk bacon, and guess what, coconut bacon too! Yep, the vegans came up with that.

That’s it, folks! We mean, that’s all the meat emojis there are. Meat options out in the real world are bountiful. However, you could put the given emojis to use for any other type of meat as well.