10 Sound Emojis to Replicate Sound, Online

For the times you want to be loud, but not that much.

Sound exists all around us and strangely, within us too. Remember the last time you kept hearing this weird sound in your head, only to realize it’s that annoying TV character’s voice playing on loop? Just kidding. Sound within us seeps deeper than just our brain’s daily pranks.

It’s only a matter of perfection and a whole bunch of other necessities for sound to either elevate as music or to decrease into noise. It could be the other way around for some, you never know.

The digital world today welcomes sound with an important component. No, not light. Sound icons! Any netizen would instantly recognize sound and its different variations and states through these icons. That’s mostly because they mimic the real world, almost precisely, making them perfect replacements for those sources of sound.

Bell Emoji

🔔 Bell Emoji

Now, here’s a source of sound and a sound icon we can all relate to. Not calling ourselves bells, but we’ve seen these little things in different forms and sizes. Enough to even hear them. Doesn’t ring a bell?

🔔 in social media means a lot of things than just jingles. It could translate to something that’s loud or alarming or alarmingly loud. This bell emoji also suggests that your notifications for any application is switched on. It’s also known as the “notification bell” on some platforms!

Bell With Slash Emoji

🔕 Bell With Slash Emoji

This one’s not a bell chilling with the GnR fam.

A bell that’s crossed out with a single and diagonal red line translates to only one thing. No bells allowed. Does it? It would’ve, before social media. But today, 🔕 indicates that your notifications are turned off. In fact, even in physical places, this symbol is used to say “please silence your phone”.

Nonetheless, in all scenarios, there ain’t any bells ringing.

Postal Horn Emoji

📯 Postal Horn Emoji

Much before we had bells notifying us with updates and messages, we had postal horns, doing the same but for letters and in the real world.

📯 is the classic notification symbol, if you will. But, just because 📯 is an ancient one, it doesn’t make it a redundant addition to the 21st-century list of emojis.

You could still use 📯 to blow a horn! When postal horns were in style, they were noisy. If you had a letter, your entire block would hear it. So, if you’re blowing your own horn online, this emoji would do the same.

Loudspeaker Emoji

📢 Loudspeaker Emoji

📢 has the same function as the previous emoji, only through a speaker and one that’s stationary. Though loudspeakers are migraine-inducing, they can be a great source of information. Actually, they used to be.

If you truly contemplate, we don’t actively use 📢 as the defining symbol for the loudspeaker. We have woofers, bass speakers, and whole sets of electronic amplifying devices taking this spot. But for a more generalized understanding of how a loudspeaker works, 📢 is perfect.

Megaphone Emoji

📣 Megaphone Emoji

Now, this one’s very similar to the previous emojis, only portable! You get the same effect and the same purpose with 📣 anywhere you go without the hassle or rather the pain of carrying an entire system along.

Speaker Medium Volume Emoji

🔉 Speaker Medium Volume Emoji

🔉 is just a speaker, thus personalizing that “sound space” to the listener alone and not the whole town. This emoji represents the Henry level of sound on sound devices. (Source: Figure it Out).

Not too much, not too little. Just perf. (here’s a clue – the show is something big and it’s something blue).

Speaker Low Volume Emoji

🔈 Speaker Low Volume Emoji

This is the same speaker but playing something barely audible in the background. 🔈 is for the times when you have a headache but want to still hear some music, when you want rock to sound like a lullaby, or when you’re eavesdropping. In all cases, the sound is tuned to the minimum.

Speaker High Volume Emoji

🔊 Speaker High Volume Emoji

🔊 can be used to say two things. One, that the audio is playing at its highest, and two, that your phone is on loud. However, the latter can be accomplished even with the 🔔 Bell emoji.

High volume only has so much power. Actually, any amount of volume has very little power with the next emoji in the picture.

Muted Speaker Emoji

🔇 The Muted Speaker Emoji

The mighty muted speaker emoji, please.

We don’t really appreciate or even recognize the value this button has. It’s not even the value, it’s the authority. You could be playing anything with the highest volume, but just a single tap of 🔇 and it’s all gone.

The same goes for anything that’s related to sound, but on an electronic device. Sometimes, we can bring this superpower into the real world by becoming 🔇. And that’s the power of muting the BS around you, my friend. That’s how you become super-human.

Bellhop Bell Emoji

🛎️ Bellhop Bell Emoji

Though this one’s not a part of the Unicode list of “sound emojis”, it’s a valid addition to our little compilation.

🛎️ is a bell for sure, but it’s the one that’s generally used at the reception area of a hotel or any other establishment. Although the real function and purpose of this bell are different from the usual 🔔 bell, it could be used in similar virtual contexts.

Sound is necessary. It’s not exactly vital, but it is a luxury. You could watch a comedy show on mute, but you’d only laugh louder when you hear what’s going on. However, not all sound is inescapable. As long as sound is available online, it’s always going to be consensual.

If you’re using references to sound, electronic devices, or even the power of these icons, online, we hope these emojis ring a bell.