🦪 Oyster


Secretive, Mystery, Pearl, Precious (on the inside), Seafood, Immobile, Stagnant

🦪 Meaning: A leaf-shaped greyish design representing the outer shell of the oyster, with a darker or even black outline. On some platforms, the shell is opened to reveal the white pearl it holds within.

The 🦪 Oyster emoji is honestly one of the most philosophical emojis there is. From being mere seafood to hosting a precious pearl and to teaching humans about never judging a book by its cover, the oyster has come a long way.

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How and When to Use the 🦪 Oyster Emoji

  • If you’re texting someone who’s precious on the inside but mundane and meh on the outside, you can use 🦪 to refer to that special person (the most flattering definition, tbh).
  • Similarly, 🦪 can also be used to describe something; like a book, a tourist destination, or even a movie that is far more interesting that its cover image.
  • 🦪 can also be used to refer to other shelled marine creatures such as scallops.
  • An oyster can also be referred to an introvert aka a trustable friend, a secret-keeper, and pretty much the ones who have the most interesting things to talk about (sorry, extroverts). So, use 🦪 to refer to that precious person in your life.
  • Also, oysters are such creatures that are absolutely motionless on the outside, but brewing genius at the same time. You can use 🦪 to refer to something or someone who fits perfectly into such a framework too.

Other Names

  • 🦪 Oyster Shell
  • 🦪 Scallop
  • 🦪 Window Oyster
  • 🦪 Saddle Oyster
  • 🦪 Pearl Harbor (hahhaha)
  • 🦪 Blue Point
  • 🦪 Pearl Oyster
  • 🦪 Windowpane Oyster