Category: 🏝 Travel & Places

🕌 Mosque

Religion, Islamic Faith, Tradition, Belief, Islam Architecture, Eid and Other Festivities

🛕 Hindu Temple

Hindu Religion, Faith, Belief, Temple Architecture, Temple Prints, Hindu Festivities

🕍 Synagogue

Judaism, Jewish Place of Worship, Public Gathering, Jewish Religion, Faith, Tradition, Wedding, Belief

🕋 Kaaba

Islamic Faith, Hajj, Mecca, Devotion, Mass Gathering, Pilgrimage, House of God

⛲ Fountain

Abundance, Overflowing, Flowing, Spring, Natural Fountain, Thirst, Intense Emotion

đŸĻ Bank

Savings, Money, Finances, Public Service, Confidentiality, Trust, Classified Information

🚇 Metro

Inter-City Travel, Underground Train, Subways, Metro Railways, LRT, Mass Transit, Urban Train

🚉 Station

Waiting, Departure, Arrival, Train Terminal, Railway Platform, Boarding, Alighting

🚝 Monorail

Train Transport, Single Track Trains, Speed, Efficiency, People and Goods Transport, Subway

🚊 Tram

City Transportation, Railway Transit, Short to Medium Travel, Intra-City Travel, Rail Vehicle

🚋 Tram Car

City Railways, Electric Tram, Commute, Travel, Tram Routes, Intra-City Train Travel

🚌 Bus

Travel, Journey, Public Transport, Commute, School Bus, Mass Transit

🚎 Trolleybus

Public Transport, Traveling, Electric Mode of Transport, Ecofriendly, Sustainable Travel