⛩️ Shinto Shrine


Shinto, Japanese Religion, Place of Worship, Devotion, Prayer, Tradition, Belief

⛩️ Meaning: A red structure with two posts holding the black and red arching design of the top of the shrine; which is placed on a plank and then held up by a few short pillar-like supporting structures.

The ⛩️ Shinto Shrine emoji refers to the religious site revered by the followers of the Japanese religion; Shinto or kami-no-Michi. It signifies pilgrimage, religion, devotion, faith, belief, and tradition too.

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How and When to Use the ⛩️ Shinto Shrine Emoji

  • First off, use ⛩️ in the post captions while posting or reposting pictures of Shinto Shrines either in Japan or in your locality.
  • You can also use ⛩️ as a symbol of divine powers and prayers too. For instance, if you’re sharing a hopeful post, you can use this emoji in that caption as a way of saying “I hope and pray all goes well ⛩️” (this would make sense if you follow the Shinto religion, actually).
  • Speaking of following Shinto, you can use ⛩️ in your social media profile name if you are a follower.
  • Use ⛩️ while sharing Shinto prints on clothing too!
  • You can use ⛩️ in the general context of religion in Japan or the Japanese religious belief, etc.
  • While sharing posts about Shinto festivities, bring in the ⛩️ emoji.

Other Names

  • ⛩️ Kami-No-Michi
  • ⛩️ Japanese Religious Site
  • ⛩️ Shinto
  • ⛩️ Temple
  • ⛩️ Shinto Place of Worship
  • ⛩️ Gongen
  • ⛩️ Taisha
  • ⛩️ Ubusuna
  • ⛩️ Yashiro