😄 Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes


Smiling, Affectionate, Happy, Joy, Bliss, Pampered, Laughing

😄 Meaning: A yellow face with a pair of closed and inversely curved eyes, a broad smile with visible upper teeth, and a small portion of the tongue, which is shown either in red or pink. The tongue is not shown on all platforms.

The 😄 Grinning Face With Smiling eyes emoji is a combination of happiness, contentment, and unfiltered bliss. The smiling eyes in the emoji say it all. When someone smiles with their eyes, it’s a whole new level of pure happiness, and that’s exactly what this emoji signifies!

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How and When to Use 😄 Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes Emoji

  • To show happiness and joy
  • Express warmth and virtual comfort
  • This emoji can also be used to show filial love; the kind of love a family shares.

Other Names

  • 😄 Smiling face
  • 😄 Affectionate face
  • 😄 Happy face
  • 😄 Pampered face
  • 😄 Laughing Face

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