📤 Outbox Tray


Outbox, Pending Mails, Delayed Gratification, Uploading, Sending Mails

📤 Meaning: A seemingly wooden tray with a white exterior and a blue interior. Similar to the tray in the 📨 Incoming Envelope, this emoji has an addition of an upward red arrow placed above the tray.

The 📤 Outbox Tray emoji represents the ‘outbox’ generally found on emailing platforms. Contrary to the 📩 Envelope With Arrow, this emoji suggests being on the giving/sending end. It signifies a sense of being temporary, on the pending list and even a delay.

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How and When to Use the 📤 Outbox Tray Emoji

  • An outbox could also signify a sense of temporariness; before it is gratified with better signal and connectivity. For example, “Dude, this wouldn’t last long, man 📤. Relax. He’ll soon see you for you”.
  • The concept of an outbox may also be used metaphorically. How? Here’s how – “If all that you give takes forever to be acknowledged 📤, retrieve it. It’s not worth it”.
  • 📤 can be used as a reference to internet terms such as ‘Follow’. If you’re asking someone to follow a page/person, you may use this emoji. Like, “Follow this account for more intriguing artwork! 📤”.
  • You can use 📤 even using the action of ‘uploading’ in any context – “Do I upload this picture?? 📤”.
  • An outbox essentially refers to emails that are pending or yet to be sent; suggesting a delay. So, if you’re indicating this delay in any context, you may use 📤. Like, “They’re saying the delivery might take a while longer 📤” or “It’s still loading, hasn’t been posted yet 📤”.

Other Names

  • 📤 Outbox
  • 📤 Pending Mails
  • 📤 Sending Mails
  • 📤 Delay
  • 📤 Outbox Tray
  • 📤 Uploading
  • 📤 Sharing
  • 📤 Outbox Icon