✉️ Envelope


Letters, Wrapping, Presentation, Communication, Handwritten Letters, Post

✉️ Meaning: A white paper folded into an envelope. The ✉️ Envelope emoji could represent mail, a money envelope, or even a letter(s) (both printed and handwritten). This emoji signifies the act of sealing something important, packaging, presentation, a message, and communication.

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How and When to Use the ✉️ Envelope Emoji

  • Letters signify a sense of personalization that can be fulfilled by nobody but the person writing it. If you’re referring to this kind of intimacy, you may use ✉️ – “Letters mingle souls more than kisses ever can ✉️”.
  • Letters involve a certain amount of intricacy when it comes to flowing one’s thoughts onto paper. Hence, you may also use ✉️ while referring to that flow in any framework. Like “Sometimes, letters may never make sense, because they hold the chaos with which we write them ✉️”.
  • Use ✉️ while indicating the tradition of writing letters in a modern internet lifestyle. For example, “Emails and text messages can never match up to the style and feel of handwritten letters ✉️”.
  • You could also use ✉️ to suggest the act of posting letters in any context. For example, “I remember the time when my gran used to wait for days just to post a love letter to granpa ✉️ and he would wait for long to receive it!“.

Other Names

  • ✉️ Mail
  • ✉️ White Envelope
  • ✉️ Letter
  • ✉️ Letter Paper
  • ✉️ Wrapping
  • ✉️ Money Envelope
  • ✉️ Post
  • ✉️ Covering