📨 Incoming Envelope


Post, Incoming Mail, Delivery, Speed Post, Quicker Reception, Efficiency, Post Arrival

📨 Meaning: A white tray with a wide rim, painted blue within while welcoming a white envelope into it. Most platforms show this emoji with just the envelope and detailing of three lines above or to the side of it.

The 📨 Incoming Envelope emoji symbolizes an arriving or recently arrived mail or letter that’s evidently wrapped in an envelope. This emoji could also suggest speed posts apart from the date of arrival of either.

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How and When to Use the 📨 Incoming Envelope Emoji

  • While texting someone the arrival date and/or time of a letter or post, you may use 📨. Like, “It should be here this Tuesday at about 2 in the afternoon 📨. Make sure you’re around to pick it up”.
  • Use 📨 while referring to speed posts in addition to normal posts. So if you’re informing someone that the letter you’re sending/receiving is via speed post, this emoji would come in handy.
  • Speaking of speed posts, 📨 can also be used to suggest that something would reach someone quickly, usually faster than normal. For example, “You’ll get it way before time, don’t worry 📨”.
  • In a surprising amalgam of letters and the internet, 📨 could also refer to direct messages (DMs). If you’re putting up a post with a caption informing your audience about the possibility and ease of directly messaging/contacting you via text, you could use 📨.
  • 📨 can also be an indication of a gift, tickets, money anything that’s being mailed or posted to someone.

Other Names

  • 📨 Incoming Post
  • 📨 Receiving a Mail
  • 📨 Speed Post
  • 📨 Fast Envelop
  • 📨 Envelope With Lines
  • 📨 Envelope Falling into a Box
  • 📨 Post Arrival