📭 Open Mailbox With Lowered Flag


Empty Mailbox, Emptiness, Out of Touch, Picked Up Mail, No Pending Mails, No Mails

📭 Meaning: A blue mailbox, similar to the one in the 📬 Open Mailbox With Raised Flag, but with a lowered flag, instead of a raised one. The 📭 Open Mailbox With Lowered Flag suggests picked up outgoing mail but an empty mailbox as in a lack of incoming mails or posts.

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How and When to Use the 📭 Open Mailbox With Lowered Flag Emoji

  • If you’re uploading a post with a caption about ’emptiness’ either relating to a mailbox or generally, 📭 is your buddy. For example, “Nothing echoes louder than an empty mailbox 📭” or “An empty inbox has a lot of messages 📭“.
  • You could also use 📭 to say that you’re out of touch with someone or even yourself. For instance, “I’ve cut off from everyone and everything and I’ve never felt better 📭“.
  • Reflecting back to the quotes in the first point, 📭 could represent the internet’s way of being ‘left on seen’ or ignored, in other words. For example, “I sent may letters and got back none 📭” or “When you get nothing in return, you ought to cut the source of your hurt; you 📭“.
  • And from a general POV, 📭 could be used to suggest that any outgoing mail has been picked up or that there are no pending mails.

Other Names

  • 📭 Empty Mailbox
  • 📭 Empty Mailbox With Lowered Flag
  • 📭 No Mails
  • 📭 Open Mailbox With No Mails
  • 📭 Mailbox
  • 📭 Picked Up Mail
  • 📭 No Pending Mail