📧 E-Mail


Electronic Mail, E-Mailing, Online Letters, Professionalism, E-Mail Symbol

📧 Meaning: A white letter envelope similar to the ✉️ Envelope emoji with an additional ‘E’ in blue on top of the entire letter. On most platforms, the ‘E’ is replaced with an ‘@’ symbol either in red or blue.

The 📧 E-Mail emoji represent electronic mail as the name suggests. Apart from signifying the ease and effect of the internet over sending letters, this emoji also indicates a sense of professionalism and record.

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How and When to Use the 📧 E-Mail Emoji

  • Once you drop 📧 into a particular framework, it automatically interprets as an e-mail or an indication of an e-mail address or ID, which negates the need for verbatim.
  • So, while adding an ‘E-mail’ section in any context, ensure to use 📧. For example, “Send us all your emails on this account 📧” or “Here’s my ID 📧. Don’t you dare forget to write to me!”.
  • In the colloquial internet language, the ‘@’ in 📧 signifies a sense of direct reference to someone or something. So, if you’re directly addressing someone, then too, you can use 📧. Like, “Sis, I’m talking about you 📧” or “Write it in direct address to the manager 📧”.
  • Use 📧 while suggesting online reception; an e-mail, a response e-mail, or even an e-mail verification/confirmation, anything to do with receiving an electronic mail – “FINALLY received my confirmation!!! 📧”.

Other Names

  • 📧 Electronic Mail
  • 📧 E-Mail Address
  • 📧 Email ID
  • 📧 Email Symbol
  • 📧 Envelope With ‘E’ Symbol
  • 📧 Envelope With ‘@’ Symbol

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