13 Special Heart Emojis For When You’re Feeling Extra

Because extra never runs out of style

We all feel a little extra at some point in our lives. Sometimes its the product of external forces like a romantic date, an exploding bank balance, or even a new idea after days or months of a mental block. And sometimes, its just us. Us, individuals, feeling better and feeling that extra whiff of happiness, contentment and gratitude all in ourselves.

Here are the 13 xxxtra emojis on the list that could help you during times or phases of this bizarre feeling of being and feeling alive.

Heart With Arrow Emoji

💘 Heart With Arrow Emoji

The iconic extra symbol – an arrow piercing through a red, ripe, heart, 💘 could undoubtedly interpret the ‘Romeo and Juliet Effect‘ in the virtual world.

Given the reference, this emoji is best suited for situations or conversations that are as naive as teenage love, first love, infatuation, or a “crush”.

  • Oh boy. You make wanna kill for love 💘
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❤️‍🔥 Heart On Fire Emoji

A heart encompassed by fire. Could it not get any more extra? Apart from suggesting a fiery encounter with someone (or something 😶), ❤️‍🔥 signifies burning passion, burning love, but not a flaming brain (geddit? it’s called dad jokes).

  • You set my heart on fire ❤️‍🔥
  • A burning heart is always a reason for concern ❤️‍🔥 Not because it’s about to burst with passion, but because, gastrointestinal issues still exist.
Revolving Hearts Emoji

💞 Revolving Hearts Emoji

Much like two lost souls in a fish bowl, these two hearts revolving around each others suggests priorities. Both hearts indicate each other’s evident source of purpose/survival.

  • You make me feel like we’re the only two people on the planet 💞 (lets just ignore how terrifying that would be)
  • You’re my everything 💞 (this too)
Growing Heart Emoji

💗 Growing Heart Emoji

If retro and dramatic is your type, then 💗 is the hype you’re looking for. Since retro is in the scene it doesn’t matter if the subject of the context is romantic. All that matters is how much you want to hype something.

  • It’s amazing how close we’ve grown over the years 💗
  • Totally digging the new style! 💗
Heart Exclamation Emoji

❣ Heart Exclamation Emoji

Exclaiming with all your heart is the ideal thing to do when you love something to bits. And what better way to put it across virtually than with an exclamation mark, revamped with a heart and a satisfying amount of red?

  • Aww. I love the present. Thank you so much
  • Anytime, boo You know I’m always here for you
Love Letter Emoji

💌 Love Letter Emoji

A love letter is quite different from a normal, objective letter. It contains all that mushy, affection language, and other personal content that could be rather scandalous to anybody else.

So, if you’re sending something that resonates with any of these descriptions or with heightened versions of the same, you could add 💌.

  • Loads of love and goodness coming your way this week, fellow Aquarian! 💌
Beating Heart Emoji

💓 Beating Heart Emoji

A beating heart has been used in various romantic frameworks across many genres of entertainment and media. Whilst we enjoyed the passion back then, today, it’s come to be a little old school and not to forget, cringeworthy too.

  • My heart beats for you, my love 💓 (yikes)
  • Ooohhhweee. Another ice cream date! 💓
mending heart 2764 fe0f 200d 1fa79

❤️‍🩹 Mending Heart Emoji

Gotta admit that ❤️‍🩹 is a creative emoji. Besides being a little less extra, this emoji represents healing and being able to deeply feel again. It’s a healing heart. And anything healing is always a good sign.

  • Could you give me some more time? Still trying to digest some facts here❤️‍🩹
Heart With Ribbon Emoji

💝 Heart With Ribbon Emoji

The first time we ever saw a heart with a ribbon was probably a box of chocolates or worse, grandma’s sewing equipment deceptively kept in a chocolate box.

Keeping the trust issues aside, 💝 could refer to a metaphorical gift, since it is designed to be used as a gift of love.

  • I must say that you’re pretty much the first person I’ve ever trusted with all my heart 💝 (like it or not, earning someone’s trust or giving them your own is 10000% a precious gift).
Two Hearts Emoji

💕 Two Hearts Emoji

💕 symbolizes inclusivity; the ability to include someone or something into your personal premise, only to appreciate and celebrate that inclusion just as you would, yourself.

  • I’m so proud of all that you have accomplished so far 💕

However, 💕 could also intensify the existing understanding of a red heart. Thus, consumed as doubled love or extra love, in other words.

Broken Heart Emoji

💔 Broken Heart Emoji

A true broken heart is a biological reaction to something deeply hurtful. On the other, virtual hand, 💔 is a dramatic, extra or even exaggerated way of telling someone that you’re hurt.

So, if you’re feeling xxxtra passively aggressive today, naggy, jealous, and any other emotion in the array of self-deprecation, you could use 💔. You could also use 💔 to show genuine, un-hyped discomfort.

  • So. We’re not going to be doing dinner together? 💔
  • I was a little uncomfortable. Didn’t expect it to be like that 💔
Sparkling Heart Emoji

💖 Sparkling Heart Emoji

Animatedly speaking, anything that sparkles is not gold, but it’s clean, speckless, new, and 💖 is the perfect comeback for the previous emoji, 💔.

If you’re really feeling it today, feeling renewed, free from the bottom of your heart or even empowered to any extent, use 💖.

  • The person you knew yesterday is gone 💔 Today, she’s here to kick your ass 💖
  • Ain’t it a wonderful day to mind your own business? 💖
Heart Decoration Emoji

💟 Heart Decoration Emoji

Decorating something with your heart could mean that you’re “putting your everything” into it. It indicates that you did, indeed, leave a piece of you in it. If you wish to exclaim your story of meraki with the world, use 💟.

  • My latest artwork 💟 Hope y’all enjoy it.
  • How wonderful it is, to sow, all your life, expecting nothing, but a better tomorrow 💟

There’s nothing wrong in being or feeling extra. Extra is always better, it makes you feel extra alive, extra grateful, extra purposeful and most importantly, extra happy.

It’s only human to share your emotions, thoughts, ideas and feelings with the world. Even when they’re extra. And we hope, this list comes to the rescue when you’re feeling or being just a little extra.