❣️ Heart Exclamation


Love, Like, Affection, Infatuation, Allure, Declaration, Cuteness, Strong Emotion

❣️ Meaning: A tiny red heart on top with a round, red drop at the bottom of the heart, very close to the sharp lower end of the heart. The colour of this emoji would differ across platforms.

The ❣️ Heart Exclamation signifies love with an exclamation, like exclaiming your love for someone or something. This emoji symbolizes the famous phrase of ‘shouting from the rooftops’ or openly declaring your love.

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How and When to Use the ❣️ Heart Exclamation Emoji

  • ❣️ is an amalgamated feeling of love and excitement. So if you’re feeling excited, elevated, and generally high about/for something or someone you love, this emoji would be perfect to show the same.
  • If you’ve just recently started dating someone, and you’re unsure about your feelings towards them, ❣️ would help keep things casual.
  • You can also show that you love someone or something by sharing ❣️ along with a picture on social media.
  • ❣️ can be used as a general reaction to something that you love.
  • If you’re feeling particularly in love with everything around you, use ❣️ in your social media captions.
  • Send ❣️ to a close someone; a bestie, fam, mum, dad, anyone, to show that you love them to pieces.

Other Names

  • ❣️ Exclamation
  • ❣️ Love
  • ❣️ Cute
  • ❣️ Heart Above Dot
  • ❣️ Red Heart As an Exclamation Mark
  • ❣️ Excited in Love
  • ❣️ Declaration
  • ❣️ Affection
  • ❣️ Strong Emotion