💔 Broken Heart


Heartbreak, Break Up, Sadness, Loneliness, Misery, Disappointment, Grief, Bitterness, Regret

💔 Meaning: A red heart that’s shattered in between; forming two sharp-edged pieces of the same heart. This emoji may vary in color and overall finish across different platforms.

The 💔 Broken Heart emoji signifies hurt, pain, being broken or shattered by someone or something. It suggests a feeling of sadness, emptiness, disappointment, and even regret.

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How and When to Use the 💔 Broken Heart Emoji

  • If you felt your heart break into pieces because of something someone did or said, send this emoji to them.
  • You can also send this emoji while talking about that heartbreak to a close someone.
  • This emoji can also be used in a casual context of showing utter disappointment, like your bestie telling you about showing up at a party without a shower.
  • Send this emoji as a reaction to something heartbreaking that you saw on social media.
  • You can also send this emoji in the context of a breakup.
  • However, do not overuse this emoji. It can take away the actual pain and hurt you’re feeling and depict a troll-worthy version of that sadness.

Other Names

  • 💔 Heartbreak
  • 💔 Pain
  • 💔 Sadness
  • 💔 Regret
  • 💔 Disappointment
  • 💔 Loneliness
  • 💔 Misery
  • 💔 Brokenhearted
  • 💔 Heart Broken
  • 💔 Breaking Heart
  • 💔 Break Up
  • 💔 Divorce