Tag: Religion

🛐 Place of Worship

Praying, Devotion, Forgiveness, Plead, Grace, Community, Spirituality, Religious Space

⚛️ Atom Symbol

Matter, Basic, Molecule, Granule, Particles, Existence, The Universe, Connection

🕉️ Om

Meditation, Yoga, Spirituality, Religion, Recitation, Repetition, Sacred, Divine, Sound, Vibration

☸️ Wheel of Dharma

Law, Order, Buddhism, Teaching, Faith, Belief, Spirituality, Helm, Steering, Spinning

☯️ Yin Yang

Chinese Philosophy, Balance, Dualism, Duality, Harmony, Equality, Chi, Tai Chi

✝️ Latin Cross

Christian Cross, Christianity, Church, Devotion, Sacrifice, Love, Religion, Holy Trinity

☦️ Orthodox Cross

Eastern Orthodox Church, Russian Orthodox Cross, Variation, Belief, Christianity, Conservative, Traditional

☮️ Peace Symbol

Peace, Calmness, Nuclear Disarmament, CND, Non Violence, Chill Out, Tattooing

🕎 Menorah

Hanukkah, Jewish Traditions, Candelabrum, Nine Candles, Light, Lamp, Festivity, Celebration