💸 Money With Wings


Flying Cash, Money Transfer, Dollar Bills, Liquidity, Wealth, Extravagance

💸 Meaning: A bundle of dollar bills, quite similar to the 💵 Dollar Banknote, characterized with a pair of angelic wings on either side and designed with the structure of wavering upward motion.

The 💸 Money With Wings emoji signifies money that’s flying or has the capacity to do so. It could symbolize flying cash, liquidity, and the typical representation of blowing up money.

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How and When to Use the 💸 Money With Wings Emoji

  • Flying cash could essentially mean the transfer of money. So, if you’re informing someone that their money or yours is ‘on the way’ or that you’re transferring the money somewhere, 💸 comes into the picture. Like, “The money should reach you in about an hour 💸”.
  • You could use the same logic of ‘time flying’ with money as well, and when you do, use 💸. For example, “My money just flew and I had no clue because I was having such a great time 💸”.
  • Also, if you’re talking about ‘free cash’ or ‘easy money’ in any context, 💸 may be of use. For instance, “How I wish it just rained money 💸”.
  • Speaking of easy money 💸 can be used philosophically in post captions – “Anything that comes easy won’t last 💸 And anything that’s earned is meant to stay”.
  • If you’re texting your buddy that you blew up your salary, savings, or even someone else’s money, you can use 💸.
  • 💸 can also be used as a reference to ‘giveaways’ on social media.

Other Names

  • 💸 Flying Cash
  • 💸 Flying Money
  • 💸 Easy Money
  • 💸 Losing Money
  • 💸 Money Transfer
  • 💸 Flying Dollar Bills