🧾 Receipt


Proof, Evidence, Purchase, Shopping, ATM, Money Slip, Printed Receipt

🧾 Meaning: A short, white piece of paper with zig-zag cuts on the top and bottom ends, containing details of a purchase. The 🧾 Receipt emoji signifies proof of purchase, which can be further used for payment cross-verification, and possible product return in the future.

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How and When to Use the 🧾 Receipt Emoji

  • Receipts give out the truth of the original price of any product. So, if and when you’re flaunting the price of a purchase, bring in this guy 🧾. Like, “I bought it for 1000 bucks 🧾 and it literally lasted just a week!“.
  • You could also use 🧾 while indicating that someone bought something expensive for you or for someone else. For example, “He spent his entire savings on that dress! 🧾”.
  • Apart from just shopping, 🧾 could also signify ‘evidence’ or ‘proof’, which can be used in any context other than just purchasing. For instance, “Aaand, what’s the proof for all that you’re saying? 🧾”.
  • 🧾 could also refer to an ATM receipt, and the next time you’re texting someone about how broke or loaded you are and want to stay low-key at the same time, use 🧾 – “Guess who’s loadedddd 🧾”.
  • Use 🧾 while suggesting that you made a purchase at a particular store, brand, or any other seller.

Other Names

  • 🧾 Printed Receipt
  • 🧾 ATM Receipt
  • 🧾 Payment Receipt
  • 🧾 Money Slip
  • 🧾 Shopping Receipt
  • 🧾 Proof of Purchase