🏧 ATM Sign


Money, Cash Machine, Dispensary, Automated Teller Machine, Bank Balance, Savings, Status

🏧 Meaning: A square blue icon with a darker horizontal patch at the center holding the letter ‘A’, ‘T’, and ‘M’ on it. The icon is rounded at the sides, which could edgy on some platforms.

The 🏧 ATM Sign emoji represents an ATM or an Automated Teller Machine, in other words. Apart from signifying money and withdrawing money, this emoji could suggest a bulk or lumpsum of spendable cash too.

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How and When to Use the 🏧 ATM Sign Emoji

  • If your child or anyone who is financially dependent on you asks for more money than necessary, 🏧 could be the perfect comeback. For example, “Excuse me, sir. I don’t remember signing up to be your money machine 🏧”.
  • An ATM machine dispenses cash as and when the user needs it. So, this emoji could be translated into any such machine that works at the command of the owner/user as well. Like, “Does a woman look like a baby machine to you?! 🏧” or “I’m not your emotions ATM! 🏧 You can’t just randomly show up and expect me to make you feel better”.
  • Apart from dispensing cash, an ATM is a great machine that shows a person his or her limit or in other words, one’s overall status – “That’s a nice plan, but I don’t think youre capable of that for now 🏧”.
  • Adding 🏧 into any context would directly refer to one’s bank balance. Hence, if you’re talking about your bank balance or that of someone else’s, feel free to use 🏧. Like, “But, do you have the means for it? 🏧”.

Other Names

  • 🏧 Automated Teller Machine
  • 🏧 Cash Machine
  • 🏧 Bank Balance
  • 🏧 Money Machine
  • 🏧 Money/Cash Dispenser
  • 🏧 Any Time Money
  • 🏧 Cashline
  • 🏧 Tyme Machine