💲 Heavy Dollar Sign


Currency, Monetary Value, Money, Capitalism, Expenditure, Purchase, American Economy

💲 Meaning: A black dollar sign ($), which is also shown as a green sign on most platforms. The 💲 Heavy Dollar Sign emoji represents the American currency and the economy, which for political reasons has been generalized as ‘money’ for the rest of the world.

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How and When to Use the 💲 Heavy Dollar Sign Emoji

  • Based on the last part of the previous section – 💲 could be brought into contexts that are about money, economy, contributions, donations, and anything that could be given and taken in cash.
  • If your post, repost, or even a heated conversation involves the magical word; capitalism, 💲 is your buddy! For example, “When we hang capitalists, they will sell us the rope we use 💲” or “It’s not all about “money”, it’s all about capitalism 💲”.
  • You could also use 💲 while sharing content that’s specifically ‘American’; a business-related post, a repost about employment, a text message about “making money”, or anything else that’s American.
  • Since 💲💲 symbolizes the ‘cost’ of a commodity, you could use this emoji while talking about the price of anything; literally and metaphorically. Like, “You cannot earn a relationship with money 💲💲” or “Anything that costs your peace is way too expensive 💲💲”.

Other Names

  • 💲 Dollar Symbol
  • 💲 Heavy Dollar Sign
  • 💲 Green/Black Dollar Sign
  • 💲 Greenback
  • 💲 Dollar Bill Sign
  • 💲 Cheese
  • 💲 Moolah
  • 💲 Dollar