🇳🇪 Flag: Niger


West Africa, Republic of Niger, Landlocked Country, Nigerien, Niamey, French, Arabic, NE

🇳🇪 Meaning: A rectangular flag with a wide white stripe at the center fitted with an orange dot and sandwiched by green and orange/saffron stripes on the lower and upper portions respectively.

The 🇳🇪 Flag: Niger emoji refers to a West African country called Niger, formally known as the Republic of Niger. This emoji is shown as ‘NE’ on platforms that don’t support flag emojis.

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Other Names

  • 🇳🇪 Flag of Niger
  • 🇳🇪 Flag of the Republic of Niger
  • 🇳🇪 Nigerien Flag
  • 🇳🇪 Country Code – NE