🇾🇹 Flag: Mayotte


Department of Mayotte, Single Territorial Collectivity, Overseas Region, France, Mahoran, Comoros Archipelago

🇾🇹 Meaning: A white rectangular flag with the coat of arms at the center and the word ‘Mayotte’ written in red capital letters above it. The 🇾🇹 Flag: Mayotte emoji refers to Mayotte or the Department of Mayotte found to the north of the Indian Ocean.

This emoji is shown as ‘YT’ on some platforms.

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Other Names

  • 🇾🇹 Flag of Mayotte
  • 🇾🇹 Flag of the Department of Mayotte
  • 🇾🇹 Mahoran Flag
  • 🇾🇹 Maorais Flag
  • 🇾🇹 Country Code – YT