🇱🇸 Flag: Lesotho


Kingdom of Lesotho, Enclaved Country, South Africa, Mosotho, Basotho, Maseru, Sesotho, LS

🇱🇸 Meaning: A horizontal triband of navy blue, white and green, printed with the silhouette of the Mokorotlo at the center of the middle, white band.

The 🇱🇸 Flag: Lesotho emoji refers to the South African territory of the Kingdom of Lesotho, known as ‘Lesotho’ in short. This emoji is shown as ‘LS’ on some platforms.

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Other Names

  • 🇱🇸 Flag of Lesotho
  • 🇱🇸 Flag of the Kingdom of Lesotho
  • 🇱🇸 Mosotho Flag
  • 🇱🇸 Basotho Flag
  • 🇱🇸 Country Code – LS