🇬🇩 Flag: Grenada


Grenada, Caribbean Sea, West Indies, Southern Grenadines, St. George’s, Grenadian

🇬🇩 Meaning: A red-bordered rectangular flag with three small five-pointed yellow stars lined at the top and bottom borders. Within this boundary is a diagonal dissection, like an ‘X’.

The north-south and east-west portions of this dissection are designed in yellow and green, respectively. At the center is a small red circle with a five-pointed yellow star. A yellow and red nutmeg leaf is printed on the western green triangle.

The 🇬🇩 Flag: Grenada emoji refers to the Caribbean country of Grenada in the West Indies. On some platforms, the flag emojis are replaced with their country code, which in this case would be ‘GD’.

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Other Names

  • 🇬🇩 Flag of Grenada
  • 🇬🇩 Grenadian Flag
  • 🇬🇩 Country Code – GD