🇬🇮 Flag: Gibraltar


British Overseas Territory, Iberian Peninsula, United Kingdom, English, Westside, Gibraltarian

🇬🇮 Meaning: A white rectangular flag with a thick red band lining the bottom border, designed with the central coat of arms devoid of the yellow boundary and wordings, flowing from the white side to the red portion.

The 🇬🇮 Flag: Gibraltar emoji represents the southern region of the Iberian Peninsula, Gibraltar which is also an overseas territory of UK. It is neighbored by 🇪🇸 Spain to the north.

This emoji is shown as ‘GI’ on platforms that don’t support flag emojis.

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Other Names

  • 🇬🇮 Flag of Gibraltar
  • 🇬🇮 Gibraltarian Flag
  • 🇬🇮 Llanito Flag
  • 🇬🇮 Regional Code – GI