Winter Emojis Talking About the Great War

Because winter is coming.

The great war between you and your blanket.

Winter is the time to cozy up. So much so that each workday during the winter is a task. A real challenge. Besides, winter is also the time we prepare for. Not just squirrels. We pull out warm clothes beneath the heaps of our summer wardrobe. But, if all the thermal wear we could find are socks, then we add some warmers along with a bunch of unnecessities into our carts. We stock up on “warm foods”, anti-allergic meds, dust off the heaters, and set the coolers to rot.

We do a lot, come winter. But this is just the bright side.

To be honest, winter is one of the most difficult seasons for a lot of people and a lot of life, in general. Many trees suffer during the time, many cold-blooded animals have it hard and people too, no not just cold-blooded, all of them. Winter, like all other seasons, is a subjective experience. There are many people, animals, and trees that love the season too.

Cloud With Snow Emoji

🌨️ Snowing Clouds

This is where it all begins.

Snow is the defining factor of the season in many parts of the world. Heck, it’s a constant for many people too.

However, everything’s not the same when it’s on planet earth. While 🌨️ would be the perfect winter emoji for someone, it’s still 🌥️ sunny elsewhere. So, as biased as winter is, emojis get that dynamic. You do you!

Snowflake Emoji

❄️ Snowflakes

Irrespective of the amount of snowfall we face, snowflakes are something that will always remain magical to everyone. It’s the OG symbol of the season and is used in various things from winter accessories, and clothing, to cards, and of course, Christmas. Snowflakes are in the backdrop for anything wintery.

Cold Face Emoji

🥶 Cold Face

Having a cold face when the weather is going through a cold phase is normal. But, the face here 🥶 is freezing. Almost as if it’s locked up in a freezer. Considering the visible horror of the cold, this emoji is apt for the coldest winters.

It doesn’t matter if you’re frostbitten or not, 🥶 is applicable to any level of “coldness” you’re feeling. It could be a terribly snowy day, a brain freeze, or even a cold conversation, this emoji is super flexible that way.

  • Oh. Wow, I didn’t know you guys were this cold to each other 🥶
  • Dude I almost froze to death last night 🥶 No more road trips during winters! Hell, no.
Ice Emoji

🧊 Ice Cubes

Just because 🧊 is a frozen block of water, doesn’t make it a winter emoji. The reason why 🧊 is here anyway is the process it takes to make a single cube of ice. Freezing.

As mentioned at the beginning, winter is a personal experience. Even in the same place, two people are less likely to feel winter the same way. So, like the 🥶 Cold Face emoji, this one too can be used to refer to any kind/level of cold. The one that suits you best.

  • It feels like I’m walking on thin ice in my own home 🧊 Damn those taps!
Snowman Emoji

☃️ Snowman

Ever wondered why there isn’t a snow-woman?

Snowmen are products of a white winter. Which again, is not a reality for people living in a handful of countries. Yet, ☃️ symbolizes the winter in these places too. Could be eurocentrism or colonization. Anyhoo, fast forward to the present day, even people who haven’t built a snowman all their lives would relate ☃️ to winter.

Now, the present emoji is a picture of a snowman on a snowy day. But we all know that these snow sculptures stay on until the sun shows up. So, for those times, there’s the ⛄ Snowman Without Snow emoji.

Skis Emoji

🎿 Skiing

Winter sports like skiing, 🏂 Snowboarding, 🛷 Sleighing, etc., are entertaining for the places that welcome wondrous snowfall. Cause for the rest of us, these just count as amusement park rides.

But, thanks to Santa, Jingle Bells, and tons of western media, most of us across the world, the “non-snow fam” included, associate these activities with winter. We also use these emojis in the right chilly contexts.

  • Man, that was so spine-chilling it felt like the ghost took one of these 🎿 down my back!
  • Winter is here, everybody! 🏂
Socks Emoji

🧦 Socks

Here’s something that represents all the “kinds of winter” we encounter as individuals around the globe. From the bearable winters to the biting cold and the in-betweens, all of us put on our socks during this time of the year. Making 🧦 the universal winter symbol!

Along with 🧦 each of us have different needs when it comes to “winter clothing” based on where we live. Some locations require just a pair of socks, while some need something extra, like a 🧣 Scarf/Muffler/Neck Warmer, and you’re good to go.

A few destinations call for an entire wardrobe change. A warm 🧥 Coat, a pair of 👢 Boots, and 🧤 Gloves to go with all the mentioned pieces of clothing or “winter fashion” would be the safest way to head outside in such destinations.

Santa Claus Emoji

🎅 Santa Claus, 🤶 Mrs. Claus, and 🧑‍🎄 Mx Santa

Everybody celebrates Christmas in their own way. Even if they don’t they just utilize the holiday by doing something special. And that something special sometimes includes dressing up as Santa.

Santa’s come a long way. He has not only given the world a new dress code for Christmas, but he’s also made gifting a global Christmas tradition. So, when one person is this affiliated to a festival that also occurs during the winter, it’s only human to resonate 🎅 with the season of both the reason and the snow.

Winter may not be your favorite season or it may be the only time of the year that you feel alive. We all have our individual emotions when it comes to seasons, and whatever may be those feelings, we hope these emojis do their bit in conveying your vibe in the best way possible.

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