🧤 Gloves


Warmth, Winters, Protection, Thermal Wear, Fashion, Accessory

🧤 Meaning: A pair of green gloves held together like a sandwich such that both thumbs are facing each other. The 🧤 Gloves emoji could represent woolen gloves, winter wear, biking gloves, mittens, or even working gloves. Overall this emoji signifies protection and warmth.

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How and When to Use the 🧤 Gloves Emoji

  • Warming your hands by heavily breathing into them offers a great deal of warmth and comfort in a cold situation (literal and metaphorical), and gloves give similar and better comfort. So if you’re talking about warming hands, ‘warming up’, a pair of warm hands, etc, use 🧤.
  • Examples for the previous use-case: “It’s just a cold phase the two of you are going through, give it some time. It’ll get better 🧤”, “You’d better keep your hands warm out there! 🧤”, or “Oooh. A warm up is a must, yo! 🧤”.
  • Since 🧤 also looks like a pair of mittens, you could use it in suitable contexts. For instance, “He’s pretty hot (angry) rn, you’d might wanna let him cool off before you try to hold him 🧤”.
  • If you’re sharing content on winter clothing, warm fashion, etc, you could use 🧤 among other apt emojis within a textual format.
  • Apart from just winter clothing per se, 🧤 could be used in contexts that say ‘winter’, ‘cold weather’, ‘coziness’, etc.

Other Names

  • 🧤 Woolen Gloves
  • 🧤 Pair of Gloves
  • 🧤 Rubber Gloves
  • 🧤 Biker’s Gloves
  • 🧤 Mittens
  • 🧤 Cold Proof Gloves
  • 🧤 Thermal Gloves
  • 🧤 Woolens
  • 🧤 Warm Clothing