🥶 Cold Face


Chilled, Cold, Harsh, Freezing, Frozen, Insensitive, Blue

🥶 Meaning: A blue ombre face with dark, blank eyes and a wide grinning mouth, with icicles sticking out of the mouth and the lower face. This emoji suggests an overall sense of coldness, be it the weather, a situation or a person.

Besides signifying the obvious meaning of freezing weather, the 🥶 Cold Face emoji can also be used as a replacement for the phrase “Oooh. That was cold”. This phrase is basically used as a response to something that was insensitive, hurtful, harsh, or a ‘punch below the belt’.

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How and When to Use the 🥶 Cold Face Emoji

  • If someone said something insensitive, use this as a generous way of telling them that they were hurtful.
  • You can use this emoji to comically tell someone how cold or unfathomably freezing a place is.
  • If you were in a cold, harsh, or unfriendly encounter with someone, and you’re narrating that story, use this emoji in that conversation.
  • This emoji can also be a safe way to tell someone that what they said or did sent shivers down your spine.
  • You can use this emoji as a great way to tell that you’re finally numb to drama.

Other Names

  • 🥶 Freezing Face
  • 🥶 Frozen
  • 🥶 Chilled
  • 🥶 Freezing
  • 🥶 Numb
    🥶 Blue Face
    🥶 Winter
    🥶 Snow Face