13 Plant Emojis to Cleanse the Virtual Atmosphere

The next time someone way out of your vibe contacts you here’s what you do

You send them a plant emoji.

When we say plants, there’s often a smile on people’s faces. Plants are some of the most amazing creations of nature. They’re vibrant, beautiful inside out, and most important of all, they’re the reason oxygen-based life survives. Plants are plain awesome in every way.

Plants, like humans and animals, don’t occur as a singular type/species. There are loads of varieties like shrubs, herbs, trees, succulents, cacti, creepers, and so many more. But only a handful are popular. Emojis can cover only so much even within the brackets of popularity. Hence, we have all the general and famous plants as emojis right here!

Seedling Emoji

ðŸŒą Seedlings

Seedlings are plant infants. This developmental stage is in the name; growing from the seed. ðŸŒą is a vulnerable time for a plant. It’s young, impressionable, and faint in its rooting. Seedlings, like infants, require extra care and nourishment. A seed that’s badly looked after may not sprout as well as one that’s nurtured abundantly.

⊛ Potted Plant Emoji

ðŸŠī Potted Plant

Seeds are generally sown into pots or any containers that can house the plant that it’d grow into. Sometimes, seeds are started and sprouted elsewhere and then transferred into a pot. It all depends on the seed and its requirements.

This emoji represents all that and a couple of additional interpretations.

  • Repotting growing plants or large plants that grew out of the old pot.
  • Indoor plants, because outdoor plants aren’t always potted. They can be directly sown into the earth.
  • Different types of pots and potted plants.
Herb Emoji

ðŸŒŋ Herbs

Herbs are mostly all-leaf plants. That is, there is less or no flowering in the plant. However, there are exceptions to everything. Herbs are naturally packed in qualities that aid both human and animal requirements that range from detox to great hair/fur and skin. Not to forget, they’re also great options for food and snacks!

Shamrock Emoji

☘ïļ Shamrocks

Each plant species has unique characteristics. Just like humans. Though they’re all the same, they’re not. One of the distinguishing features of a plant is its leaves. Some are the “usual leaf shape”, some are rounded, and some grow as hearts, like this one!

☘ïļ is a bunch of three heart-shaped leaves, making that a three-leaf clover. These leaves are very common. In fact, anyone who’s not very passionate about plants can say they’ve seen ☘ïļ a couple of times. The rarity lies in the next emoji.

Four Leaf Clover Emoji

🍀 Four-Leaf Clovers

Now, this is an uncommon sight! 🍀 can be a four-leaf clover of a shamrock or any other type of plant. That applies to the shamrock emoji too.

We tend to attach certain values and beliefs to the things around us. Plants are no different. Each plant carries its own aura, the ones we’ve created about and for them.

So, in this framework, the shamrock symbolizes good health, love, goodwill, prosperity, and long life, while 🍀 signifies luck. It’s the one that saves when everything else fails.

Maple Leaf Emoji

🍁 Maple Leaves

Maple leaves have a dual presence in the emoji world and the real one. One aspect of 🍁 lies in its shades and the other in the country it represents. But, here, we’re focusing on the former. Autumn.

The 🍁 Maple Leaf emoji symbolizes autumn disregard of the time of the year you’re using it. Besides, if you wish to keep seasonal ambiguities away from the context, you could apply this emoji just for its color too.

Leaf Fluttering In Wind Emoji

🍃 Leaves Fluttering in the Wind

Unlike the previous “leaf emojis” on this list, 🍃 represents any leaf. This generalized imagery renders 🍃 as the aptest option while painting an “emoji picture” of spring, much like 🍁 does for fall . 🍃 also suggests breezy/windy weather.

The leaves in 🍃 could be detached from the tree and thus flutter about as they fall to the ground. Or they could still be part of a branch that’s swaying in the wind, thus causing the movement shown in the emoji.

Fallen Leaf Emoji

🍂 Fallen Leaves

🍂 is another great emoji for autumn specifically. It represents the process of shedding and counts as a plant emoji that’s particularly in reference to a seasonal change. Apart from just fall, this emoji also suggest dried leaves, and thus anything drying or losing luster.

Sheaf Of Rice Emoji

ðŸŒū Sheaf of Rice

ðŸŒū is the only “crop emoji”. It signifies agriculture, crops, farming, cereals, and food. Given its fresh and full look, this emoji also depicts harvest, the season of harvest, and any festive celebrations associated with this time of the year. ðŸŒū is also used as a general symbol for any crop including wheat, barley, corn, etc.

Cactus Emoji

ðŸŒĩ Cactus

This emoji showcases a different genre of plants and a different mode of gardening too because cacti in themselves are super unique.

Apart from being real pricks, cacti focus on themselves. They’re always hydrated. The very fact that ðŸŒĩ have no leaves and that they require tough terrains to flourish proves that everyone is built differently and perfectly

ðŸŒĩ is representative of the desert and desert vegetation as well. Along with the next emoji.

Palm Tree Emoji

ðŸŒī Palm Trees

Palm trees create the ideal beach vibe, and this emoji does the same in any framework it appears. The physique of palm trees is very similar to coconut trees, and hence, ðŸŒī can be mistaken for a coconut tree. But, that’s okay. Besides, you can use ðŸŒī while referring to coconut palms and coconut trees alike.

Evergreen Tree Emoji

ðŸŒē Evergreen Trees

Though ðŸŒē is used to represent any tree, it particularly refers to only one species; the evergreen species. Not saying other trees aren’t lush and green. They are. Just not throughout the year. However, there are instances when evergreens too can go brown, but those are signs that the tree is unwell.

Deciduous Tree Emoji

ðŸŒģ Deciduous Trees

The ðŸŒģ Deciduous Tree contrasts the previous emoji. ðŸŒģ works best as a common emoji for any tree that isn’t evergreen. Deciduous trees are those that are capable of shedding during the autumn. Their life span is a cycle, unlike evergreen trees. ðŸŒģ go through all seasons with changes in themselves.

Plants are wonderful beings. They not only are valuable additions of visual appeal to our gardens and homes, but they also protect us, cleanse our air, give us plenty of varieties to cook, calm us down, improve the ambiance, and most importantly, they’re the reason we breathe.

If we should be doing anything, it is to plant more trees and sow more seeds. Only growth and no destruction. The real world is a complicated place because of complicated people, but the virtual world is always a place of learning and positive energy as long as you do it right.

So it doesn’t matter if you couldn’t plant anywhere near home, you could always do it online, even if it means planting positivity.