🧥 Coat


Warmth, Protection, Winter Fashion, Overcoat, Layering, Comfort

🧥 Meaning: A long-sleeved yellow trench coat with a line of buttons on the edge of each flap, a V-neck with prominent collars at the top, and a band of the same color as the coat, tied around the waist.

The 🧥 Coat emoji has an immediate reference to winter clothing, which in turn signifies cold weather, winter fashion, warmth, and protection. Apart from just a garment, a coat could also suggest a sense of being fashionable, classy, rich (because most are expensive!), and sleek too.

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How and When to Use the 🧥 Coat Emoji

  • 🧥 can act as an umbrella to all relevant variations of a ‘coat’. Hence this emoji can be used in the contexts of a jacket, an overcoat, a trench coat, a fur coat, and all other kinds of coats.
  • While texting someone to stay warm or layer up before heading out because you felt the weather and HAD to tell them how terrible it is, use 🧥. Like, “I’d like you to wear the coat 🧥 I know you love telling me how immune you are, but you CANNOT withstand this!”.
  • You could also use 🧥 to represent formal clothing or a formal dress code if you count a coat as formal wear (because it generally is).
  • Basing this use-case on the first point; since 🧥 could be an emoji for the given types of coats, it could be used in the frameworks of those respective seasons as well.

Other Names

  • 🧥 Trench Coat
  • 🧥 Full Coat
  • 🧥 Jacket
  • 🧥 Formal Coat
  • 🧥 Fur Coat
  • 🧥 Woolen Coat
  • 🧥 Overcoat