10 Earth Day and Environment Day Celebratory Emojis

Organic, sustainable and eco-friendly is the dress code to this party

Ever since humans were introduced to the concept of “birthdays”, we’ve been dedicating one single day to a lot of things. And the most ridiculous of the lot is earth/environment day. Imagine inhabiting the earth for thousands of years, using its resources, destroying a lot of them, and trying to bandage up some of that destruction. Only to realize the earth and the environment too deserve some love. Smh.

To be very honest, each day is earth day and every day is an environmental celebration coz we’re still breathing.

Anyhoo. Brutal honesty aside, earth and environment day (yes, they’re two separate days) are thoughtful events that bring together organic celebration (as it should always be). Some of which happens online, via emojis, of course. So, if you’re celebrating these occasions in honor of the earth virtually, here are all the emojis that would be helpful.

Note: Earth Day and Environment Day emojis are very similar, almost the same, hence we’ve clubbed the respective emojis together. However, you may come across emojis that are exclusive to either.

Globe With Meridians Emoji

🌐 Globe Emoji

The first and most important emoji for earth day is the earth, which is clearly not the same way the earth looks. The reason why we chose this appearance of the earth over the “usual way the world looks” is neutrality. You too could use 🌐 if you have similar intentions.

However, if you wish to use the globe as in the blue and green, geographic globe emoji, then you could choose between the following emojis based on your geographical location 🌏 Globe Showing Asia and Australia, the 🌍 Globe Showing Europe, and Africa, and the 🌎 Globe Showing the Americas.

Green Heart Emoji

💚 Green Heart Emoji

Green is most often associated with the environment. It’s the color of anything organic. So, in this respect 💚would be a nice option for both earth day and environment day. However, for the former, we’d recommend pairing this green heart with the 💙 Blue for added impact.

Besides, there are other green and blue shapes that you could use to convey the same message like the 🟦 Blue Square, the 🟩 Green Square, 🔵 Blue Circle, 🟢 Green Circle, the 🔷 Large Blue Diamond, and the 🔹 Small Blue Diamond (we chose the heart because, you know, heart means love).

Seedling Emoji

🌱 Seedling Emoji

The seedling signifies the beginning of life, it’s everything the environment is fundamentally about. So, 🌱 would be a great emoji to use in the context of Environment Day. It has an equal use-case in an Earth Day message too, because most of the activities of both these days revolves around planting trees.

Deciduous Tree Emoji

🌳 Deciduous Tree Emoji

Trees are an important part of the earth and the environment alike. So, this makes emojis like this one, 🌴 Palm Trees, 🌲 Evergreen Trees, and the 🎋 Tanabata Tree valuable additions to any textual framework for these special occasions.

Though the Tanabata Tree is a Japanese festive ornamental tree, you could use this emoji in the earth/environment day scenario as it symbolizes goodwill, well-wishing, and a positive mode of greeting. Which works perfectly in the present scenario.

Brown Heart Emoji

🤎 Brown Heart Emoji

A lot of the time we forget the backbone of the earth, and the environment; soil. The very reason why we even have trees, cultivable land, agriculture, food, plants, and just basic existence.

We wouldn’t have houses without this land which literally translates to the earth. The only place that’s truly home. So, 🤎 along with the 🟤 Brown Circle and the 🟫 Brown Square qualify as earth day and environment day emojis.

Recycling Symbol Emoji

♻️ Recycling Symbol Emoji

This emoji represents the natural law of the land. Recycling. We don’t often realize that it’s only not plastic, clothes, and other such material that recycles but every single thing on the planet. Where else do you think everything else goes? Mars? It’s all here and now.

The concept of recycling waste into wealth is no longer just a talent show competition. It’s the biggest need of the hour and thankfully many parts of the world are putting this concept to the right use. Today, both biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste is being converted into reusable products in these places.

So, the entire process of recycling, the idea behind this wonderful system, and the work of thousands if not millions can be acknowledged with this emoji. Along with a collateral course of awareness and education.

No Bicycles Emoji

🚳 No Bicycles Emoji

Yes, this is a prohibitionary sign against bicycles, but, it’s also one of the signs that resonate with the ecosystem like nothing else. No other vehicle and nothing else is as eco-friendly as the 🚲 Bicycle.

Sure, we have a range of beasts of burden to get the job done, but that’s again an unwanted accumulation of caused pain. So, bicycles are super eco-friendly that way, thus posing as another awesome emoji for earth day or environment day.

Broccoli Emoji

🥦 Broccoli Emoji

Okay, before you begin retching, we’d like to tell you that 🥦 is the greenest of the green veggies, plus it looks like a teenie tiny tree! Doubling this emoji’s chance of making it to anything that’s earth or environment-focused, online. It’s okay if you hate this vegetable and you’re terribly vegetable-ist, but facts are facts and 🥦 is a worthy emoji.

Green Salad Emoji

🥗 Green Salad Emoji

If you’re taking the chance to promote vegetarianism, veganism, or anything organic (except butchered animals, of course) on earth day or environment day, 🥗 would be a snacky yet smart addition to your message. It may seem like the “side-dish” or the starter, but damn is it the whole package.

Green Book Emoji

📗 Green Book Emoji

Remember we talked about green being “organic” or the color of the ecosystem? Well, that applies to anything green, including this book!

You could up your emoji game on earth day or environment day by using 📗 as the symbol of education. It could be about the ecological, the norm of interdependence which we seem to have forgotten, ways of repaying the earth, etc. Anything to do with environmental education.

Earth day and Environment day are widely recognized but they’re not always implemented. What we mean is, you remember that one person’s birthday but don’t really care much to make it to the party although you received an invite. Instead, you wind up that presence with a text. Not even a call. The earth/environment is that person and we’re that jerk.

So, we hope these emojis not only added to your list of “celebration emojis” but they also added to your ideas of spending the earth and environment day, every day.