🚳 No Bicycles


Ban, Restriction, No Parking, No Fitness, Health, Fragility, Not Eco-Friendly, Organic, No Cycling

🚳 Meaning: A 🚲 Bicycle framed within a red circle and overlapped with a cross-striking red slash; same as the framework in the 🚫 Prohibited symbol, with a black or white background.

The 🚳 No Bicycles emoji indicates prohibited bicycle parking. However, since there are no other emojis dedicated to ‘parking’ precisely, this emoji could be extended to other vehicles as well.

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How and When to Use the 🚳 No Bicycles Emoji

  • Cycling, in general, is a health-focused activity/mode of transport. Apart from providing a daily dose of cardio, cycling also benefits the physique. So, while sarcastically or genuinely mocking your inability to hit the gym or get fit, 🚳 could be an option.
  • Bicycles are eco-friendly little guys, but they can be quite fragile when compared to other motorized vehicles. This could symbolize road protection which can be translated into other contexts. Like, “This ride is not for the faint-hearted 🚳”.
  • Speaking of ‘eco-friendliness’, 🚳 could be used while indicating that something isn’t eco-friendly or in other words, terrible for the environment – “Apparently, nothing’s eco-friendly in there 🚳”.
  • While stating the lack of parking spots/places in an event, 🚳 is mandatory. This applies even while asking your audience to arrange for their own personal parking areas.

Other Names

  • 🚳 No Cycling
  • 🚳 No Bicycle Parking
  • 🚳 No Parking
  • 🚳 I Hate Cycling
  • 🚳 No Bikes
  • 🚳 No Bikes Sign