9 Cat Emoji Proving Animals Too Have Emotions

Understanding animal emotions in the same light as human emotions.

The cat emoji series is a peculiar addition to the emoji list. It is the only animal on the entire list that replicates smiley emojis. These yellow-faced smileys represent human emotions and the corresponding facial expressions. It is strange that cats, in this case, are doing the same.

The basis of this close co-relation could be the fact that cats are super sensitive to human emotions and moods. Plus, much like humans, they’re moody themselves! On the other hand, this series might be a synecdoche to animal emotions, apart from just talking about cat faces.

Grinning Cat Emoji

😺 Grinning Cat Emoji

If you’ve ever encountered a cat grinning in real life, the chances are, it scared the guts out of you. But, here we are looking at an animated grinning cat and thinking this is normal.

Jokes aside 😺 is very similar to the humanized smiley, the 😀 Grinning Face. So, when we have a “human version” of the same expression, what’s the point of an animal’s face showcasing the same?

Something to think about.

Cat With Tears Of Joy Emoji

😹 Cat With Tears of Joy Emoji

Aww. A cat laughing it’s ass off.

If you look closely, 😹 evokes the exact emotion and holds the same expression as the 😂 Face With Tears of Joy. Both have two whole and blue “tears of joy” exiting their eyes, but we all know their stomachs must be killing them at the moment. Ah. The little joys.

Grinning Cat With Smiling Eyes Emoji

😸 Grinning Cat With Smiling Eyes Emoji

A happy and welcoming cat. It’s easier said than done. It always is. Especially with cats.

When was the last you encountered a cat that was pleased you see you? No, not pet cats, Susan. Just random cats. Probably never.

Cats are a hundred times coded than dogs. Dogs are easy to understand, easy to get along with. But, cats. Ugh. Cats have a working vibe of their own. They don’t give a shit about you, but at the same time, they do. And it takes a while to know the difference.

Smiling Cat With Heart Eyes Emoji

😻 Smiling Cat With Heart Eyes Emoji

This is when you know that a cat’s in love with you. You’d see it in the eyes.

Personalizing oneself as a cat while texting suggests two things; either you like being a cat or you truly mean what you say. Considering that it “takes effort” to win over a cat, the same would apply to emojis as well.

  • Wow, that’s amaaaazing! 😍😍
  • Woww. That’s amazing 😻

Now that doesn’t mean that human faces are deceptive. But think about it. It’s harder to trust a cat, but once you do it gets easy. It’s never that way with people.

Cat With Wry Smile Emoji

😼 Cat With Wry Smile Emoji

This is the face of an animal that mentally challenges you against what you think is true. A wry smile.

Oh, really, Kyle? You really think you can make me eat that?? Just you wait! I’mma eat all of this like a good kitty and poop all over your bed while you’re at work! Ha! How’s that for a threat, huh?!

Pouting Cat Emoji

😾 Pouting Cat Emoji

A pouting cat, much like a 😡 Pouting Face and a 🙎 Pouting Human, is pissed off. This angry cat could represent all the animals that are mad at us, humans.

Yes, sir! We have completed the jungle project. All animals are safe in their cages and ready to visit!
All the animals: 😾😾😾😾😾

Weary Cat Emoji

🙀 Weary Cat Emoji

Now this one is very different from the 😩 Weary Face. It’s more like the 😱 Face Screaming in Fear than being weary.

A cat screaming in terror because of something you did or said could signify that the poor animal is terrified. On the contrary, if you use 🙀 while responding on text, it suggests a sense of being dramatic.

Crying Cat Emoji

😿 Crying Cat Emoji

Animals too have emotions, if not with the same intensity as humans. They too experience sorrow, joy, anger, and many other basic emotions, and that is the prime focus of this list.

To witness an animal shedding tears hits hard. It may seem surreal because we are so used to negating emotions for animals, but it would ache to see them that way. 😿 may not go to that extent but at least it conveys the same message; animals too feel pain.

Kissing Cat Emoji

😽 Kissing Cat Emoji

Listing the lovable and affectionate cat at the end of the list does not mean that animals find it difficult to love. Love comes easy to them when it’s their own species. But, it’s with humans that they take time. Hence, 😽 is the last on the list and one that ought to be earned!

A subjective way of looking at the reason why there are cat emojis mimicking human emotions is just to show that animals and humans are not very different after all. Both have the same emotions. They may differ in the “depth” of emotion and the variety as well, but fact remains that animals too would weep if confronted with sadness and misery as much as they would soar with happiness if treated kindly and with love.